Get To Know Your PCA: Annie Kim


Name: Annie Kim

Majors: History & Music

Year: 2018

Favorite Class: 19th Century European Intellectual History

Favorite Thing about BC: Lyons 4th Floor

What can you see yourself doing after graduation?

I’d like to enroll in a Master’s program at University College London (UCL) called “Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism.” This past summer, I took a course there that is based on this program, and I absolutely fell in love with the class, the school, and the city. Ideally I’d be able to conduct research in the field of terrorism before applying to positions in intelligence analysis.

What are you doing to get there?

I’m planning on taking courses related to terrorism and intelligence studies in order to supplement the class I took this summer. I’m also applying to research internships at think-tanks and centers that study terrorism and counter-terrorism approaches. I’ve also been keeping in touch with (viz. pestering) some of my professors and lecturers both at BC and UCL to solicit advice and references for the future.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I once ate an entire box of pizza in one sitting. In all honesty, the next couple of days were pretty rough… On a more serious note, I spent a month in London taking a class where I knew nothing about the city or the people with whom I was studying, and I survived/had the best experience of my life. I also managed to make it back with more than $100 in my bank account, and if you’ve ever been to London, you’ll know that that’s the greatest achievement of all.


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