Meet Lauren Studiner, a Junior Nursing Student who Biked Across America for Affordable Housing


Name: Lauren Studiner

Class: 2018

Major: Nursing

Favorite Class: Victimology with Ann Burgess

Favorite thing about BC:

The involvement. There is a club for almost anything on campus and if you don’t see something that interests you, you can create it!

What can you see yourself doing after graduation?

Most definitely being a nurse! (laughs). However, I am unsure about what type of nurse I would like to be, but I know that I want to be somewhere with mountains. I live for the mountains, being from Montana and all.

How did you learn about nursing?

I have always known that I wanted to go into healthcare. The human body is, and always will be, fascinating to me and I wanted to combine my passion for healthcare, with my passion for helping others. I heard about this nursing “thing” from my brother’s girlfriend who was a student nurse here at Boston College, and I fell in love with the program immediately. Nursing is the best alley for combining my two passions and loving life!

What factors contributed to your interest in nursing?

Being able to start a career in four years! (keels over laughing). But really, the versatility within the nursing field is absolutely amazing and definitely a big draw for me. I can start in a hospital, but find that a hospital isn’t right for me, and in six months, move to a community health facility for a more public health focused career, and if that doesn’t suit me, I could move to a geriatric facility. I can do so many different things with a nursing degree! It’s crazy!

How did you start exploring potential careers in nursing?

Being able to pay back my loans is a really important factor in deciding where I will start my career. I have been looking into government and public sector jobs that have loan repayment programs that would help me financially after school. The Indian Health Services program, which is a government program tasked with providing services to federally recognized tribes and Alaskan natives, a high-need, high-risk population, really interested me.

What advice would you give those who are interested in nursing, or have just started nursing at Boston College?

As much as college, and the nursing curriculum for that matter, seems difficult, you have to realize that everything you learn, is going to be applicable in the real world setting and that is why it is always important to see the bigger picture. That piece of information about the kidney that you learned Day 1 in Anatomy and Physiology freshman year, will come back up again during your study of Chronic Kidney Disease in Pathophysiology sophomore year, and will show up again during your clinical when your patient presents with symptoms related to Chronic Kidney Disease. Stick it out. Pay attention. Utilize the support network within the nursing school, because they will hold you accountable for your studies and will be a valuable resource for you.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Biking across America with Bike and Build, an organization devoted to building affordable housing for families located in high-need, low-income areas. Oh, and we biked across America at the same time.

Who are your heroes in real life?

Is it lame if I say my mom? No really though, in her everyday life, she is a super positive person that just absolutely enjoys life. She treats everyone in her life with respect and dignity and she is someone that I want to emulate in life. I aspire to be like my mom. That’s when you know someone has had a true impact on you.


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