Meet Sajala Pandey:The statistics teaching fellow, and an Economics Ph.D candidate at BC



Name: Sajala Pandey

Department: Economics

Classes that you teach: Statistics

How long have you been at BC? 3 years. I’m currently a Ph.D candidate.

What activities do you enjoy outside of your job at BC?

I really enjoy hiking and trekking, but I prefer hiking since it’s more spontaneous; trekking requires a lot more planning. In addition, I love traveling a lot. Every summer and winter I would definitely travel somewhere outside of America.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I’m proud of my experience of working back home after I graduated from Smiths College. During that period I spent a couple months working with ex-Maoist rebels/comrades in rural Nepal- I worked in that organization as a data analyst, but I was really able to see how they rehab back into the society. It was a very challenging experience for me, but more importantly, it provides me with a different perspective on how economics could be related to social issues in real life.

Who are your heroes in real life?

My parents. They are from a really rural part of Nepal, and they migrated to Katmandu, which is the capital city. They help my sibling and I to achieve our dreams and teach me how to be neither hyper-excited with achievement nor disappointed with losses. I learned to balance emotions, which is the most important thing to me.

Do you have any suggestions for econ-major students in terms of post-graduation development?

Economics is a subject that touches upon so many areas of study, and it’s definitely a good thing that someone chooses economics as a major. In terms of suggestions, make sure you proactively look for internships during junior year, as well as networking with people.

If you want to go to grad school at some point in the future, then look into economic consulting and federal research, because these will provide insight into what research life is like, and help you decide whether if you like to work at firms or continue onto grad school.

If you’ve decided to immediately go to grad school afterwards, make sure to take some higher-level economics and maths classes because in grad school maths skills are really crucial. Talk to professors and senior faculty members, as they can offer helpful insights as well.




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