Meet Sarah Bradley: A Student-Teacher With a Passion for Education Equity


Name: Sarah Bradley

Class Year: 2017

School/College: LSOE

Major/Minor: Secondary Education & English with a concentration in TELL (Teaching English Language Learners)

Favorite Class: Language & Ethnicity with Professor Margaret Thomas

Favorite thing about BC: Being so close to the city

What can you see yourself doing after graduation?  

After graduation, I hope to stay in the Boston area and teach English Language Arts in a public high school or middle school setting!

What are activities and clubs are you involved with on campus?

Undergraduate research fellow under Dr. Rebecca Lowenhaupt in the Lynch School; 3rd year Resident Assistant (RA), this year in the CoRo community; played on the Women’s Rugby club team for 5 seasons; SSH

What causes are you most passionate about?

I am extremely passionate about public schools and education equity. I want to teach English in a public school setting and be challenged to reach all students and support all learners, because I truly believe in the power of a public school education and how important it is to empower young students so that they can be encouraged and supported in pursuing their futures. I love the challenge of teaching and I love working with students every day! But eventually, I think I would like to work in education policy to advocate for structural changes to benefit students more widely.

What factors have contributed to your interest in teaching? Have you always known that you have wanted to go into teaching?

I moved halfway through high school, from a public school in the Greater Baltimore area to a public school in New Hampshire. At my second high school, I learned more in one semester than I did in two years at my previous school. Experiencing first-hand the difference between two schools that are both public schools incited my interest in education policy. Having a few really amazing teachers who supported me got me interested in teaching and I have always loved reading and writing and discussing literature.

What advice would you give to students who are also interested in teaching and would follow a similar career path as you?

I would say to pursue as many teaching opportunities as possible during your undergraduate career—now is the time to try different school types (public, private, charter, etc.) to figure out what you might be interested in pursuing when you graduate. Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! This is the best way to learn so that you can become a stronger teacher for your students.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I think I would consider completing my full-time student teaching this semester to be my greatest achievement so far. I have never worked so hard, but I have also never been so sure that this is what I want to do with my career! I learned so much from my mentor teacher, and I am going to miss the students I had the opportunity to work with at Brighton High immensely. Now I feel ready to pursue a teaching job.

Who are your heroes in real life?

My little brother—which is maybe an nontraditional answer, but he has been through some hard times but has come out of it so strong. He is currently a senior in high school, and he just got into his top college choice! I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of someone, and I’m already looking forward to visiting his campus next year and annoying him/checking in on him.

Are you considering a post-graduate degree in the education field? If so, what degree and why does that degree program spark interest in you?

I am, but I want to teach first because I am not sure exactly what I want to pursue for my Masters, and I change my mind daily. Right now I am considering pursuing a Masters in ESL or in Special Education with a focus on reading disabilities, although I am also considering furthering my degree in English to pursue curriculum work more. I think I will have a better idea of this once I begin teaching full time though, which is why I want to wait.


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