Meet PCA Lindsay Schrier


Name: Lindsay Schrier

Class Year: 2018

Major: International Studies (Ethics and International Social Justice)

Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies

Favorite Class: International Security (taken abroad at Webster University, Geneva)

Favorite thing about BC: Eagle’s Nest Salads (kale, tomatoes, olive oil, s&p, feta cheese)

What can you see yourself doing after graduation?

Either the Peace Corps or field experience abroad in international development.

What are you doing to get there?

I’m involved in Girl Up, which is an organization for girl’s education in the developing world, where I run the Boston Coalition of clubs. I’m also running a half-marathon for the organization. I’ve had internships in the past that are in line with my values of and commitment to social justice.

What factors have contributed to your interest in international development?

I was involved with Girl Up since high school, which has helped to consolidate my interest in international development. I was also really motivated by my fellowship with ANNpower (an organization committed to women’s leadership training), where I had the opportunity to attend a conference and work on social justice workshops for career engagement.

What advice would you give to students who are also interested in (industry you’re interested in)?

Apply for grants (or stipends/scholarships/fellowships) for unpaid internships! Often times, internships in the international development/non-profit fields are unpaid, so having funding really helps. I was able to get a stipend to pursue an internship with Girl Up, which was an incredible experience!


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