Meet Graduate Assistant, Maggie Dwyer!


Name: Maggie Dwyer    

Class Year: First year graduate student, Class of 2018

Major: Higher Education Administration

Favorite Class: Catholic Higher Education

Favorite thing about BC: Jesuit!

What can you see yourself doing after graduation?

I’m not exactly sure what area of higher education I will be in right after graduation. Wherever I end up, I hope that I will be making a positive impact on the profession as a whole or on the student experience directly.

What are you doing to get there?

Getting my master’s degree and trying to gain a variety of different experiences so that I can have exposure to the different paths I can take once I graduate.

How did you learn about higher education?

I was studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark my junior year of college when my positive psychology professor asked me to think about who the happiest people I knew were when they were working. I quickly realized that everyone I knew who absolutely loved their job worked in student affairs. After reflecting on the environments that I was most happy in, I realized that my own involvement in student affairs was my favorite part about my college experience. So, here I am studying to stay in college forever!

What factors have contributed to your interest in higher education?

My junior year of college I was deciding whether or not to pursue a graduate degree in higher education, positive psychology, or industrial/organizational psychology. When I chose higher education, I was hoping that I would be able to incorporate what I loved about positive psychology and industrial/organizational psychology into my work and future career. After working as a Graduate Assistant in the Boston College Career Center since August, I am constantly finding new ways that all of my interests fit into this field. For this reason, I am confident that a future career in higher education is the right fit for me.

How did you get started exploring potential careers?

I began to really start exploring potential careers my sophomore year when I went on a vocational discernment themed retreat (similar to Halftime and Endeavor at BC). Since I attended a Jesuit university for my undergrad, we also used Michael Himes’ approach to discernment by considering the questions that you often hear at BC- What brings me Joy? What am I good at? What does the world need me to be? While reflecting on these questions, I started to connect my skills, interests, and things I was passionate about with potential career paths.

What advice would you give to students who are also interested in higher education?

My advice to students interested in student affairs and higher education would be to keep an open mind about the various functional areas within the field. There are so many different paths you could take, and you may surprise yourself and find that you’re really happy working in a different area than you might have been involved with in undergrad.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Being able to incorporate my different passions into what I do now and plan to do in the future.

Who are your heroes in real life?

My parents! I’m fortunate enough to have two loving parents that have become my best friends. They have always encouraged me to exceed even my own expectations and never to give up on something I’m genuinely passionate about.


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