Meet Graduate Assistant, Megan Dailey!


Name: Megan Dailey

Class Year: Second year graduate student in the Higher Education Masters program

Major: Higher Education Administration, Concentration in Student Affairs

Favorite Class: Gender Issues in Higher Education

Favorite thing about BC: My favorite thing about BC has been the opportunity to work one-on-one with students and help them identify their unique skills and interests.

What can you see yourself doing after graduation?

Working at a higher education institution in a position where I can inspire and support students in their personal, academic, and professional pursuits.

What are you doing to get there?

I will be finishing my Masters in Higher Education in May of 2017. This degree, paired with my graduate assistantship and summer internship, has helped me develop the skills to be successful in the field of student affairs. In looking for jobs I have focused on researching different institutions’ mission, values, and current programs to see if they align with my values, interests, and skills.

How did you get started exploring potential careers?

In undergrad I majored in psychology and did research for a professor in the psychology department. My classes and on-campus work helped me decide that I wanted to continue working in a field in which I could work with people and use my analytical and problem solving skills. In order to learn more about different opportunities, I attended my undergraduate university’s Career Fair, where I met recruiters from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Through this connection, I landed a job at Children’s as a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC).

Within my CRC role, I coordinated a self-management study with adolescents and young adults who had sickle cell disease. While working on the study I realized that I really liked working with this age population in a setting where I could help people set and achieve their goals. Within my lab I worked as our Student Intern Coordinator. In this role, I recruited, interviewed, hired, trained, and supervised students who were interested in gaining experience within our lab. These two experiences led me to seek out a career field where I could work with students in a full-time setting.

From there, I started doing research about positions at colleges and universities and realized that I would need to get my Masters degree in Higher Education or College Student Personnel. I then networked with different people in the field and researched graduate programs to find a best fit.

What advice would you give to students who are also interested in higher education?

Start connecting with professionals in the field and meet with them to learn more about their career path and what they do within their role. Informational interviews can help you explore different roles and industries and help you narrow down your career interests.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m addicted to Netflix, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and I love cooking and trying new restaurants. 🙂


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