An Intro and a Farewell to the PCA’s Fearless Leader, Ali Joyce


^ Ali with her dog, Brodie.

Name: Ali Joyce

Major in College: Communications

Favorite aspect of Boston College/What will you miss the most? 

ALI: Definitely the people and the relationships that I have developed here. The people at BC and in the Career Center are so fantastic that it truly is incredible.

What drew you to the advising role? 

ALI: I initially was drawn to marketing internships, but I wanted to do something where I felt that I made a difference, and I began talking with my academic adviser, in the last quarter of senior year (it is NEVER too late), and the adviser pointed me towards career advising.

What advice do you have for students at BC with regards to Career Development?

ALI: Find that person on campus that you connect with, whether that be a professor and faculty member, an alumnus/a, or an administrator.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? 

ALI: Does my wardrobe count? No but really, being from a small town where nobody leaves, being brave to branch out and settle in a much larger city was extremely challenging.

What is your favorite color? 

ALI: Absolutely all of them. Go through that crayon box and I will find a way to love that color. Now that I think about it, does ‘macaroni and cheese’ count as a color? I think there is one in the Crayola box? Oh wait… ‘tiffany blue’ is definitely up there too because I expect all of my presents to come in a box like that! *giggles*. 

TYLER: Your childhood must have been incredible.

You have a free afternoon in Boston, what are you doing?

ALI: Going to Harpoon, right by the seaport, with my husband. Duh. And a concert, if there is one.

What is your strangest talent?

ALI: Oh my gosh, I can touch my tongue to my nose (it’s about as exciting as you think).

TYLER: Wow. Incredible. Truly awe inspiring.

What are you a “closet” fan of?

ALI: I’ve watched a couple TV marathons of the Housewives of Beverly Hills. But I was on a red-eye flight so that excuses it right? I have my life more together than most of them so that makes me feel better about myself.

TYLER: *nods* mhm.

Favorite Cereal?

ALI: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Obviously.

TYLER: Yes, obviously.

If you weren’t working in Career Advising, what would you be doing?

ALI: 1. Fashion, working at Klinefelds (I watch ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ so I am very knowledgeable) 2. Ohio St. Football TV Timeout Coordinator. Being in control is good, I can make all the fans wait till I am ready. 

Have you ever re-gifted anything?

ALI: YES! An amazon gift card… and then the person re-gifted it back to me. Who even does that? Plus she did it right after the wedding. I don’t know what to do about it? Do I keep it going? The people should let me know? 


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