How to Ace Your One-Way Video Interview

As you begin your internship and job search, you may notice that an increasing number of companies are choosing to use one-way video interviews as an additional evaluation tool.  While it may seem nerve-wracking or uncomfortable to complete a one-way video interview, it can help bring your resume to life by giving you the chance to show off your personality and expand on the experiences listed on your resume. Below are some quick tips that may help you ace your one-way video interview and land the role of your dreams.

  1. Presentation is key. Even though you are not meeting face-to-face with a recruiter for this interview, it is still important to make a great first impression! Be sure to dress appropriately, either in business casual or business professional attire, rather than what you may have worn to class during the day. Beyond this, consider your surroundings. Have you chosen a quiet location, where you know you can be free of interruptions? Have you turned off your phone and computer notifications, so there aren’t any distractions in the recording? Is your surrounding area clean and tidy? Take the time to plan ahead for this, and if your dorm room or apartment building does not seem feasible, don’t be afraid to ask your Career Center if you can reserve a quiet space in their office to record.
  2. Do your research. Companies tend to ask questions to gauge your interest and familiarity with the role, in addition to questions that can help determine if you would be a match. This means that before conducting this interview, you should be familiar with the company’s mission or purpose, what you would be doing in the role, and how the opportunity would fit into your long-term career goals. Scour the company’s website, any blogs or social media posts, and any news or press releases that you can find to show that you are invested in the process and excited about the opportunity at hand.
  3. Practice – but don’t over-prepare. A quick google search or look at a company’s Glassdoor page can give you great insight into common interview questions that you may be asked. Practice answering some of these questions in the mirror, and begin to plan which extracurricular or internship experiences you’d like to highlight. However, over preparation can work against you. Resist the urge to read your answers off a prepared document or your computer screen. Companies are looking to see how you think on your feet in this interview, and can certainly tell when you are regurgitating information, rather than providing real-time, natural responses.
  4. Show your best self. Even though it can feel like you are just speaking to a computer, there eventually will be a real person on the other side reviewing your answers! It is important to make eye contact with the camera, speak clearly and concisely, and show energy and enthusiasm. Your posture and body language can convey both confidence and professionalism, two qualities recruiters are certainly looking for in your interview.

Resumes are just one part of the story, so consider your one-way video interview as your opportunity to showcase why you are the best fit for the role you’re interviewing for. Above all, stay relaxed, give forth your best effort, and good luck!

By Jillian Knowles, AlphaSights’ Campus Recruitment Lead

If you’d like more information on virtual interviewing, review the resources page on the Career Center website. 

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