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Keep Calm And Search On: Understanding Just In Time Hiring

As we move into the month of April, there’s a lot to look forward to—better weather, longer days, Marathon Monday, and Easter Break. But there might be one topic that you’re not looking forward to this time of year—the job search process. If you’re feeling that way, fear not!

Did you know that for the BC Class of 2017, 39% received a job offer in their spring semester and 21% received a job offer after graduation? Also, did you know that only 1% of employers surveyed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers definitely do not have plans to recruit this spring?

You can read a previous blog post When will I get a job? to learn more about hiring timelines by industry and also check out the NACE Job Outlook for the Class of 2019 to learn more about the current job market and how you can stand out as an applicant. From the employer perspective, many organizations cannot project their hiring needs far in advance, so they are going to recruit when they have a vacancy, which is known as just in time hiring.

Meet two BC alumni who received their offers in the spring. Use their stories as inspiration for yourself.

Meagan McCarthy MCAS ’14
English and French Double Major
Project Manager at GroupeConnect—a Publicis Groupe Solution (previously at Digitas)

I looked primarily at PR firms, advertising agencies, and other small marketing startups in the Boston area. During my senior fall, I updated my resume to be more marketing-focused and I wrote specific cover letters for each company. I applied or sent general emails to probably 30 different companies. I didn’t hear back from a single one. During senior spring, I expanded my search to include other cities and I reached out to a few people that I knew through networking. Fortunately, I finally heard back from Digitas in April for a phone interview. Two weeks later, I came in for an interview and I received my offer shortly after that.

Adam Esposito MCAS ’14
Honors Chemistry Major
Senior Research Associate, Formulations, Moderna Therapeutics

I decided to target Research and Development roles in Biotechnology startups. Specifically, I wanted to apply my laboratory skills to the advancement of potential medicines within a growing organization. My job search involved quite a bit of networking. I know you’ve heard this before but it’s true: networking is key. I took advantage of the BC Alumni Network, Chemistry Department resources as well as the Career Center and sent my resumé/research summary to every relevant email I could find (probably around 75 or so). Ultimately, this proved much more fruitful than simply carpet-bombing job applications—which began for me in December of my senior year. Many of these smaller companies hire on an as-needed basis and as a result, it’s very much about talking to the right person at the right time. In fact, I was hired and began work in April of my senior year and transitioned to full-time after graduation.

By Lisa White, Associate Director, Employer Engagement

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