Searching for Jobs/Internships? Here Are 4 Resources to Get You to the Finish Line

It’s now officially April and we know many students are searching for their post-graduate job or summer internship. There is still plenty of time to meet your goals if you take the appropriate action steps now. And look no further for some helpful advice and resources you can use you to get you to the finish line (i.e. post-graduate or summer employment).

Network, network, network. We can never emphasize the importance of networking enough. Put yourself out there and build some connections. Making others aware of what you bring to the table and what you’re interested in pursuing could make all the difference. These sites will help you find industry events happening in the area:

Expand your job/internship search. It’s always helpful to start your search on EagleLink. It contains job/internship postings from employers looking to specifically hire Boston College talent. However, if you’ve exhausted EagleLink, try expanding your search and using industry resources to find a job. Here are just a few job boards out there by industry:

Cover all your bases. If you haven’t met with a career coach yet to review your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn, stop by to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward with employers. You can schedule an appointment in EagleLink or come to our 15-minute drop-in appointments

Remember the importance of hiring timelines. This mainly applies to graduating seniors. Be mindful that while a handful of industries have the ability to recruit early and give offers before graduation, others do not. Many companies simply hire when they need to, for reasons such as staff turnover, taking on or losing clients and thus increasing or decreasing workload, external impact on their industry due to the economy, and more. This includes areas like:

  • Real estate 
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Arts and entertainment 
  • Start ups

You may find your ideal job after you cross the podium at commencement, and that’s ok! Remember, you can always come and talk with us about your search and strategies to move forward. And if you are graduating, you have access to all of our services, including coaching, for up to five years after graduation.

—By Caroline Meditz, Assistant Director, Employer Engagement

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