3 Reasons It’s OK to Skip the Fall Career and Internship Fair

No, that’s not a typo. The Career Center IS telling you it may be OK to skip the Fall Career and Internship Fair. Let us explain.

The Fall Fair is our largest event of the semester and has opportunities for all students who wish to pursue them. However, for some, there may be other opportunities that are a better fit. Take a look through our list below and see if you fit in any of these buckets.

REASON 1: You are exploring

While we highly encourage students to explore at the Fall Fair (see our 5 Reasons To Attend a Career and Internship Fair blog post), we also acknowledge that there are many students who don’t know what they want to do and that’s OK! We have LOTS of programming geared towards students who are in the explore stage. These opportunities will be available later in the semester and you will receive information in our weekly newsletter about how to register. Also, you are always welcome to come speak to one of our exploration career coaches to help you get started.

REASON 2: You are not interested in speaking to the employers who will be attending

If you’ve done your research and you are not finding what you are looking for, you may not choose to attend the Fall Fair. We do our best to make sure there is a wide variety of employers available for you to speak to. However, it is not realistic that we will be able to host every organization at a single fair and hiring timelines do affect the types of employers in attendance. If the Fall Fair isn’t for you, there will be many other specialized career fair and networking opportunities for you throughout the year. You will receive additional information about these opportunities throughout the year. Also, new opportunities are posted in EagleLink daily.

** Note: The Fall Fair is a great opportunity to practice speaking with an employer in person. Every employer is choosing to come to Boston College because they are interested in students like you. Also, you may not realize you are interested in an organization until you speak to someone. It may be worth it to put on a nice outfit and speak to an employer in an industry of interest.

REASON 3: You just don’t feel ready

This one we get. You just got on campus, and for some of you, this is only your second week on a college campus. The Fall Fair might not be the best option for you at this time. And that’s OK. Like I said earlier, there are MANY opportunities that will be coming your way. We can give you a pass, as long as you don’t forget about us at the Career Center. Everyone has their own journey, but you need to be an active participant in the process. If you decide to not attend the fair, make sure you have a game plan for what resources you are going to take advantage of throughout your time at BC. We are here to help you!

One last thought

I want to end with the fact that I did not list things such as: not having a resume prepared, not having a fancy suit, or not feeling confident as reasons to skip the fair. These are not reasons to skip the fair. We have many resources to help you prepare, including:

  • Two prepare for the fair workshops prior to the fair
  • Extended drop-in hours before the fair
  • A full-featured app for your phone
  • A Career Closet to help you access professional clothing
  • Career coaches in attendance at the event to answer questions and help guide you
  • Career fair tours will be offered every 30-minutes throughout the fair to help get started

Visit for more information about the fair and how to prepare.

By Allison Postlethwait, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications

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