Career Clusters

What is a Career Cluster?

The Career Center has designed six career clusters to support the diverse interests among Boston College students. Once you have narrowed down your career interests, you can join a career cluster.

Within each cluster you will find a specialized career coach with industry expertise as well as resources, programs, and events to help you prepare for a career in your field of interest and launch a job, internship, or graduate school search.

If you are unsure of your interests or are having trouble narrowing down your interests, no problem! We have many resources available to help you, including dedicated exploration career coaches as well as online tools and programs throughout the year.

Explore the Six Career Clusters:

Business, Consulting, and Finance

The business, consulting, and finance career cluster represents careers that focus on using analysis, critical thinking, and leadership to increase efficiencies, maximize profitability, and solve challenges facing organizations in a global economy. Opportunities include careers in consulting, human resources, consumer products, retail, manufacturing, marketing, sales, data analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, banking, insurance, accounting, real estate, operations, logistics, and sports business. Join the BCF cluster.

Communication, Arts, and Media

The communication, arts, and media cluster represents careers that focus on using written and verbal communication, creative expression, and diverse mediums to convey meaning and information to audiences. Opportunities include careers in creative arts, entertainment, museum curation, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, design, production, journalism, fine arts, performing arts, and publishing. Join the CAM cluster.

Education, Nonprofit, and Social Service

The education, nonprofit, and social service cluster represents careers that focus on using advocacy, service, and leadership to enhance the human condition, help others realize their potential, and make the world more just. Opportunities include careers in teaching, administration, social service, community organizations, foundations, charitable organizations, social work, religious institutions/ministry, and counseling. Join the ENS cluster.

Government, Law, and Public Policy

The government, law, and public policy cluster represents careers that focus on using critical thinking, communication, advocacy, and leadership to serve the public interest, set policy, serve in political institutions and systems, and ensure fundamental rights and social justice. Opportunities include careers in local, state, and federal government, law, public policy, military, law enforcement, advocacy, and international affairs. Join the GLP cluster.

Healthcare and Nursing

The healthcare and nursing cluster represents careers that focus on using science, research, compassion, and critical thinking to provide care, improve the health of others, and solve global health challenges. Opportunities include careers in nursing, medicine, public health, healthcare administration, clinical professions, allied health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Join the HN cluster.

Science, Technology, and Engineering

The science, technology, and engineering cluster represents careers that focus on using scientific inquiry, research, data analysis, critical thinking, and programming to solve complex real world problems and drive innovation. Opportunities include careers in life and physical sciences, engineering, data science, information technology, software, hardware, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and environmental sciences. Join the STE cluster.

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