Why Does Everyone Have a Job or Internship Already?

The school year has barely begun and you are already hearing that people have jobs or internships lined up for next summer. How is this possible?

Yes, it’s true that some students are returning from summer with their jobs or internships secured for next summer. But understand two things—first, it’s not everyone (not even close) and second, this has everything to do with the hiring timelines of certain industries.

What are hiring timelines?

Each industry has a general timeline when organizations hire for new positions. When you look at financial services or consulting, most students receive their offers before or during the fall semester. If you look at industries like communications and media, many students receive their offers in the spring. You can use these general timelines to anticipate when to launch your job or internship search.

Most students do not have a job or internship already

While it may seem like they do, we have data that shows otherwise. Based on a survey conducted of the Boston College Class of 2018, it shows that a majority of students received their offers after fall semester.

  • 55% of graduates received offers in the spring or summer
  • 22% of graduates received offers in the fall
  • 19% of graduates received offers before fall semester

When will I get a job or internship?

If you are ready to launch a job or internship search, it is important to understand the hiring timelines for your industry of interest so you can plan accordingly. We have multiple resources to help you. Under each career cluster on our website you will find detailed hiring timelines for various industries. You can also view survey data of past graduating classes to find hiring timeline information. We recommend reviewing these online resources as well as reaching out to make an appointment with a coach in your career cluster of interest to get help launching your search.

If you are getting started and exploring your career options, we recommend taking time to learn about yourself and your goals before you worry about hiring timelines. Visit our website to see resources and meet with an exploration coach to get started.

—By Allison Postlethwait, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications

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