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How to Prepare for a Career Fair—Tips from an Employer

Are you planning on attending an upcoming career fair? Looking for how to prepare? Read below for some tips from Kate French, Sr. Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital on the things that students should do to prepare for the fair.

Do research in advance.

“Familiarize yourself with which companies will be attending, and do some exploring on their job sites to see what positions they have available, and what roles you might be interested in. You also want to be sure you meet the minimum qualifications for any roles you might want to discuss.”

Be sure to check out the Career Fair Plus App to see full employer listings, an interactive map, and more. 

Prepare an introduction.

“You want to briefly describe your professional background, qualifications, and the types of jobs you would be interested in, or the type of career you’d like to build. Be as specific as possible. Some employers have hundreds of jobs, so it can be difficult to refer you to jobs if you just say you’re open to anything.”

Take a look at our blog post 3 Simple Steps to Follow to Have a Great Conversation with an Employer for more tips on how to talk to employers at the fair.

Update your resume.

“You want your resume to show any major accomplishments, and to be as specific as possible, not just list job titles and basic responsibilities. For example, the statement ‘Processed customers quickly and efficiently’ doesn’t tell an employer all that much besides your basic job functions. Instead, the statement ‘Processed customers 30% faster than average and reduced wait times by an average of 10 minutes’ is specific, detailed, and shows a quantifiable positive impact.”

Stop by the Career Center during drop-in hours to have your resume reviewed.

Have a plan for following up after the fair.

“If an employer gives you their card, it is best to email them within 1-2 business days after the career fair. Include your resume, as well as a brief summary of your conversation. Additionally, include any job titles and reference numbers that you may have applied to or intend to apply to. If there is a specific role you are interested in, you should always apply directly on the organization’s website, regardless if you have already given the employer your resume.”

Take a look at our blog post 6 Post Career Fair Tips for more advice on what to do after attending the fair.

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