3 Ways Room Selection Prepares You for an Internship or Job Search

Image of move in schedule for boston college campus

Ah, room selection season… A BC rite of passage that seems to induce more unnecessary stress than, well, the anxiety of finding a job or internship. But what if we told you that, with a simple shift in mindset, you can conquer both of these stress-inducing experiences and come out as a happier roommate and a stronger candidate? 

Here are 3 ways the room selection process can prepare you for a job or internship search… embrace it and you’re on your way to career success!

  1. Build resilience. The likelihood is that you are going to experience setbacks and disappointments in both the room selection process and the job search. Everyone I know has experienced rejection at some point in the job search process. The good news is that handling those disappointments is a skill itself — and one that employers are seeking in candidates! If you learn to handle the disappointments of the room selection process, you’ll have a great answer the next time you are in an interview and the employer asks you to tell them about a time when something didn’t go your way. 
  2. Become more adaptable. Part of the room selection process involves making adjustments and changes along the way. Without a doubt, you will be doing this throughout your career (and life, in general), so this is a great opportunity to practice. 
  3. Develop the skills employers are seeking. There are 8 career competencies that all employers — regardless of the industry or role you are pursuing — are seeking in entry-level candidates. The housing selection process provides opportunities to develop many (maybe even all!) of these career skills. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving? Check. Oral Communication? Without a doubt. Teamwork and Collaboration? Yes. Professionalism. I sure hope so! 

So instead of stressing your way through this housing selection cycle, try taking a new approach. If you conquer room selection, you can do anything! You’re developing skills to be a stronger, more patient job or internship candidate. 

And as Rion Hallaran, MCAS ‘18 says “Room selection can be a tricky process sometimes, as can finding a job; however, applying your ability to prepare and adapt will not only alleviate the process, but leave you with a lesson you can carry with you for the rest of your life!”

By Rachel Greenberg, Director, Career Education and Strategy

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