Finding a Job/Internship Outside of Boston

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Are you interested in finding an internship or job outside of the Boston area? As someone who has lived and worked in several different cities in the US, I know that finding a professional opportunity in a new place can feel daunting initially. However, following the internship and job search strategies below can help you be successful in finding a position in a place where you are not currently living.

Research Target Employers

Making a list of potential target employers is especially key when you are looking to relocate. Be sure to look into not only where organizations are headquartered, but also where they have branch offices. There are a lot of different resources you can use to search for employers, including:

Once you have a list of target employers, follow them on social media, sign up for job alerts on their careers website, and try to connect with professionals who work at those organizations.

Expand Your Network

Take an audit of your network; do you know any friends or family who are from the area you are looking to work? BC alumni are also a great resource; there are over 4,200 BC alumni from around the world on Eagle Exchange, BC’s alumni-student mentoring and networking platform. LinkedIn is also a good way to connect with professionals; in particular, you can join LinkedIn groups related to the locations and industries in which you’re looking to work.

Utilize Job and Internship Boards

The Boston College job boards, EagleLink and UCAN, both have opportunities posted from around the country and the world. In addition, you can peruse our website for additional external sites that focus on internships and jobs for recent graduates.

Considerations During the Search Process

If you plan to move to a city close to home, listing your home address on your resume can be a good tip so that recruiters can see that you have a connection to the job location. If you are looking to live in a place that’s not the Boston area or near your home, use your cover letter as a place to explain that you’re looking to relocate to that city after college. Finally, be flexible during the interview process, especially if you are scheduling phone or virtual interviews with employers who are in a different time zone.

No matter where you are looking to live for a summer internship or after BC, we are here to help! Review our jobs and internships website for additional tips, and make an appointment with a career coach to develop strategies for your specific search process.

By Lisa White, Associate Director, Employer Engagement

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