Best Practices for a Virtual Job/Internship Search

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing a shifting global economy. Employers are transitioning their recruitment processes virtually, and this will have an impact on how job and internship seekers approach their search. So what exactly does this mean for you? Well, the good news is the majority of the work that is done during the job or internship search already occurs online! With a few simple changes, you can feel more confident in your virtual search strategies and begin to get noticed by employers. Here are some best practices we recommend to help you enhance your search:

Build Your Online Brand

You may already understand the importance of having an online brand, but why is it meaningful for employers? According to Forbes, “personal branding is a way of establishing and consistently reinforcing who you are and what you stand for in your career and life.” Essentially, you are demonstrating your desire and fit for a particular role, organization, or industry. If a potential employer cannot readily access this information, the reality is that you will likely be passed up for another candidate who put in the effort to create a clear and cohesive professional presence. As you settle into your new remote learning environment, now is a great time to build your online brand or, if you already have a virtual presence, manage your content to ensure that it is consistent and up to date.

Leverage Your Virtual Network

While networking has traditionally been thought of as an in-person experience, there are now many more options to engage with alumni and employers virtually. Eagle Exchange and LinkedIn are two platforms that facilitate online career-related conversations. They can also serve as a first point of contact for setting up informational interviews, which may occur virtually via phone or an online conferencing tool, such as Zoom. Using online networking platforms professionally during the job or internship search will help you greatly in establishing connections, developing relationships, and exploring companies and industries. Not to mention, the best advice and insight comes from professionals working directly in the field!

Ace Your Virtual Interview

Increasingly, employers are replacing traditional in-person interviews with virtual options. While the same basic rules apply when it comes to preparing for these opportunities, there are additional considerations for virtual interviews that you should note. Big Interview is an online platform that offers free access for BC students to help you build confidence in your interview skills. You can record yourself answering questions that are tailored to specific industries, roles, or skills, and you can also access their library of resources, including videos on interview strategies. For additional resources, check out the interviewing page on the Career Center website and watch our interview workshop on Zoom.

Engage With the Career Center Online
Did you know that you can still access the Career Center’s services and resources remotely? We have transitioned to virtual coaching appointments for the remainder of the spring semester. All coaching appointments will continue to be scheduled via EagleLink where you will be able to view coaching availability and schedule a phone or Google Meet appointment. Meet virtually with your career cluster coach to discuss job/internship search strategies, have your resume or cover letter reviewed, practice interviewing, and more. For quick career-related questions, you can also attend virtual drop-ins or career cluster open hours via Zoom. Finally, we encourage you to check out our new resources page and follow us on social media @bc_career!

— By Kayla Pelland
Assistant Director, Career Education

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