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What If My Industry of Choice Isn’t Recruiting Right Now?

Are you feeling like you’re behind? Are some of your friends already attending information sessions, getting interviews, and accepting job offers? We know this can be a common feeling, however the truth is that you are not “behind”. Only a select few industries recruit this early, including consulting and banking. A majority of students will not be going through the recruitment process at this time. 

Campus Recruiting vs. Just in Time Hiring

Here’s some data to chew on – 64% of students in business, consulting and finance from the class of 2019 received their offers before or during the first semester of their senior year. Only 2% of those seeking jobs in government, law and policy, had received their offers by the end of first semester.

Why the huge discrepancy? Organizations in certain industries like accounting, consulting, finance and (to some extent) technology come on campus to recruit graduating seniors. They tend to recruit in the fall, they often know their hiring needs for the following year, and they have fully staffed college recruiting teams. They also make full-time offers to many of their interns the summer before senior year.

Organizations in most other industries do their hiring on a “just in time” basis. Hiring occurs after someone quits their job or is promoted, and the job is posted online with the intention of filling the role as quickly as possible. Most organizations in these industries do not have the resources to recruit at colleges.

If your interests fall within these industries, you likely won’t start applying for full-time jobs until at least February or March (though there are some clear exceptions – ask a career coach), AND you will need to be much more proactive in your search.

Actions to Take Now

Though your industry may not be recruiting right now, you can significantly increase your prospects for landing a great job by taking some of these steps.

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of our six career cluster coaches. If you’re feeling a little lost in the exploration process or have a wide range of interests, you can speak with one of our exploration coaches instead.
  2. Join a cluster or two to receive bi-weekly email updates with resources and reminders. 
  3. Use Eagle Exchange to connect with alumni for exploratory career conversations. As one BC student put it, “I was very pleasantly surprised by how kind and insightful the people I interviewed were, how much I learned from them, and how much I overall simply enjoyed talking to professionals in the fields I am interested in.”
  4. Use Vault and the resources on our cluster pages to learn more about your industry and career field. What are possible roles that interest you? What are the trends shaping the industry? Who are the leading organizations in the field, and what sorts of problems are they trying to solve?
  5. Start creating your list of potential employers. Check Handshake to see if they have profiles. Some of these employers will only post their job and internship listings to their own websites or to industry-specific job sites. Have exploratory career conversations with individuals at your top organizations.
  6. Attend our virtual drop-in hours to get your resume and a sample cover letter critiqued.
Peter Hunt
—By Peter Hunt, Assistant Director, Career Education

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