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My Journey from Doubt to Confidence

Lauren Burd, MCAS ’22

Going into the second semester of my sophomore year, I was lost. While it seemed like so many of my friends and classmates knew their exact future career paths, I felt completely stagnated. As a political science and film studies double major, I loved the classes I was taking, but wasn’t sure how they would translate into a career that I was excited about. I knew I was interested in media and entertainment, as telling stories has always been a passion of mine throughout my life. However, I didn’t know if I was qualified to work in this field with my future degrees. Thus, when I signed up for Endeavor I was simply trying to get an idea of what I could do in my future. But what I had come to realize through Endeavor is that I have so much more potential than I thought. 

Throughout Endeavor, I was given the chance to self-reflect and gain a sense of the skills that I bring to the table for my possible future careers. In several workshops and small groups, I learned that I am highly skilled in global fluency, creativity, and in my work ethic. Although I was earning my degrees in political science and film studies, I had skills that would be desired at a multitude of different industries. Coming to this realization really helped me grow assurance in myself and confidence that I could actually pursue careers that I am enthusiastic about. 

Endeavor transforms the daunting task of deciphering one’s future into an exciting adventure of opportunity and possibility.

Endeavor also gave me the opportunity to speak to alumni who were in similar positions as me. Sitting in on several panel discussions, many of the invited BC alumni explained how work experiences and skills matter just as much as your degree to employers. They also encouraged us to grow skills outside of those that we develop within our majors, thus inspiring me to take more classes outside of my comfort zone. Additionally, I was able to create relationships with these alumni in order to continue to receive guidance and advice as I advance in my career journey. 

The greatest asset I achieved from Endeavor is the confidence to chase after what I am passionate about. The skills that I am gaining from my majors can help me pursue whatever career I want and I should never limit myself or my future. I think it’s important for all other undergraduate students to realize the potential that they have, and to have the confidence to look into careers that they are interested in but weren’t sure they were qualified for. 

Thinking about your future can definitely be scary. It’s easy to doubt what you truly want to do, or what you even think you can do. However, Endeavor makes the process just a little bit easier; by helping you see that through hard work and confidence you can achieve whatever career you want. In this way, Endeavor transforms the daunting task of deciphering one’s future into an exciting adventure of opportunity and possibility.

If you are interested in Endeavor and want to learn more, check out the Endeavor website

-Lauren Burd, MCAS ’22, Endeavor Fellow

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