When Will I Find a Job or Internship?

If you’re feeling a bit anxious about your job and internship search, know that you’re not alone. It is very common for students to be feeling like they’re behind in their search this time of year. However, the truth is that most students don’t secure their post-graduate jobs or summer internships until the spring semester.

Don’t believe me? Let’s turn to the facts. 

According to our survey of the Class of 2019, 35% of seniors secured their jobs during their spring semester and 24% secured their jobs after graduation. The same is true for internships. When we surveyed students in Summer 2019, 76% of students reported that they found their internships between January and May. 

Why do employers hire in the spring?

Every industry follows a unique recruiting cycle. Generally, organizations that recruit in the Fall are larger and able to forecast their hiring needs. They recruit on college campuses to fill a certain number of slots for summer interns or new hires. These organizations generally fall into the business, consulting, and finance industries. 

Most industries, however, conduct “just-in-time” hiring strategies and post opportunities as positions become vacant in the Spring. This type of recruitment makes your job and internship search a bit harder because it is much less predictable.

Luckily, we have data to help you anticipate when jobs or internships will be posted. 

For full-time jobs:

For internships:

Use these data points loosely as a guide. With the economic impact of COVID-19, there certainly will be shifts in these timelines. You will need to start your process early, be organized, and stay persistent to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities. 

Here are a few tips to assist you with your search:

  • Join a career cluster. Sign up for clusters of interest to receive bi-weekly emails from our coaches with updates on hiring trends and job/internship opportunities.
  • Meet with a career coach. Schedule time to meet with one of our coaches to develop a search plan.
  • Use your Handshake account. Make it a weekly goal to browse open job/internship opportunities on Handshake.
    • Fill out the interests section of your profile to receive customized job recommendations. 
    • Once you find opportunities you’re interested in, save the postings by clicking on the blue save icon. Handshake will send you notifications and similar postings based on what you saved. 
    • You can follow employers you like and receive email alerts when these employers post new jobs and events on Handshake. Following employers also helps improve your job recommendations. 

For more tips, check out our list of 21 Career Resolutions for 2021

Image of Allison Postlethwait Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications
—By Allison Postlethwait, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications

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