Four Tips to Staying Organized in Your Job Search

Starting a job or internship search can feel overwhelming and stressful. In part, this is because looking for a professional job is likely a new skill for you and, unlike for your classes, there is no syllabus to provide direction. One way to reduce your stress is to find ways to organize your search. 

Here are 4 tips for organizing your search:

  • Schedule time each week for your search and put it on your calendar for the full semester (note: it’s common for a job search to take several months). In addition to arranging this time around your other time commitments, think about what time of day you are at your best (or worst) and plan accordingly. Also consider whether you work best having 1-2 larger blocks of time or more frequent shorter blocks of time. 
  • Create a list of to do items for each designated time block. This will help you maximize your efficiency at those times you’ve set aside to work on your search – see here for example or enter your to do items into your calendar notes each day. You can add to your to do list throughout the week as you think of tasks you need to complete. 
  • Create a document you can use to keep track of the organizations you have applied to, would like to apply to, etc. In this document, you can also keep track of your application status with each organization. Here is an example of a tracking doc – feel free to copy and adapt! 
  • Create a folder on your computer or Google Drive for your search. Within that folder, save copies of each job description along with the tailored copies of your resume and cover letter that you submit for each position (you may even want a folder for each organization you apply to). 

Now that you have developed some strategies to organize your search, read our Five Steps to Get Started on Your Search

–By Rachel Greenberg, Director, Career Education and Strategy

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