Five Steps To Get Started on Your Search

In addition to the job search organizational strategies shared in this post, below are a few steps to get your search started. Keep in mind that before you can begin a search, you’ll need to be able to articulate what you are searching for. This exploration search plan worksheet can help with that process. 

Important note: If you get stuck at any point in this process, a career coach can help you! Schedule an appointment via Handshake for help developing a more detailed search strategy or to determine how to get unstuck at any point along the way.

  1. Use this worksheet to develop a search plan. This will help you clarify and articulate your goals and identify target organizations. 
  1. Identify 2-3 resources you will primarily use for your search. There are so many resources that exist, so narrowing down which resources you will focus on will help your search feel more manageable. We recommend Handshake, 1-2 resources listed on the cluster webpage you are interested in, 1-2 resources from the internship listings here, or LinkedIn. 
  1. Spend time creating strong application materials such as a strong resume and cover letters. While much of the job and internship search is beyond your control, the quality of these materials is 100% within your control. Use the resume and cover letter resources on the Career Center website to get started and then get feedback from the Career Center through virtual drop-ins (Mon-Fri, 12:004:00 p.m.). Once you have strong materials, be sure to tailor your materials for each position.
  1. Strive to make at least 2 new connections each week. You may do this by attending recruiting events such as virtual career fairs, reaching out to alums on Eagle Exchange, attending panels and other networking events (and then following up after). These connections can be helpful to you before, during, or after you apply to positions! Create a document to keep track of your notes from these conversations and save that document with your other job search materials so you can refer back to them when applying or interviewing for positions.
  1. Apply for positions before their deadlines pass!
–By Rachel Greenberg, Director, Career Education and Strategy

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