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Start Preparing for Law School Application Season

Applying to Law School in the Fall? Keep Reading…

Law school applications are right around the corner. To help you plan, try spreading out your tasks over the next eight months (your future self will thank you!). 

Timeline Overview:

Law school applications typically open in early September and utilize a “rolling application” deadline. You do not need to apply as soon as they open. Instead, you should ideally aim to submit your application in late Fall around November or December. Follow the timeline below and watch this short video

The Golden Rule: Apply at the earliest point that you have the strongest application. When you hit submit is up to you. If you feel that you need more time to strengthen your application, consider delaying into January. 

SPRING (March-May):

Start absorbing as much information about law school as you can. These items will help you learn about the application process:

  • Download our Pre-Law Primer to keep you on track with action items. 
  • Attend an event on Access Lex to familiarize yourself with the application process and financial options, and meet admission representatives from different schools. 
  • Create an account on and sign-up for the LSAT.
  • Start studying – create a realistic study plan for the LSAT and research prep programs as needed.
  • Connect with recommenders and let them know you are applying to law school in the Fall. 
  • Meet with a Career Coach to work through any questions you may have. 
  • Finish the semester strong!

SUMMER (June-August):

Summer = LSAT. Use the Summer months to study and take the LSAT so you don’t have to worry about it in the Fall. If you have extra time, start thinking about application materials: 

  • Take the LSAT in June or August. 
  • Finalize your school list and continue to connect with admission representatives.
  • Familiarize yourself with the application materials:
    • Request your transcript(s)
    • Edit your resume
    • Brainstorm possible content for your personal statement
    • Reach out to additional recommenders by September 
  • Take a break and recharge before Fall semester! 

EARLY FALL (September-December):

The application is open! Finalize your materials and get ready to submit: 

  • If needed, retake the LSAT (ideally, you should only have to take the LSAT once, but things happen). 
  • Finalize your application materials:
    • Meet with a Pre-Law Career Coach to review your personal statement.
    • Send gentle reminders to recommenders or meet with them if they have questions.
    • Upload your transcript.
  • Connect with schools and attend an info session or forum to meet with admission representatives. You will want to connect with schools before you apply.
  • Hit submit and enjoy your Winter Break!

Note, this is a suggested timeline for students starting to think about the application process in Spring. If you know this is an unrealistic plan for you, we suggest you create a personalized timeline with a Career Coach. You can sign-up for an appointment on Handshake. We look forward to meeting with you! 

–Katie Osterkamp, Graduate Assistant

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