Five Resume Tips for Alumni

Are you considering a career transition after working for a few years? Are you finishing up your degree after taking a few years off? Do you have a few years of work experience and want to update your resume? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this post is for you!

Whether you are finishing up your degree, transitioning careers, or just want to update your resume, these five tips will provide you a list of recommendations to get your resume ready to go!

Include a Summary of Qualifications. A summary of qualifications allows employers to get a quick overview of your experience and the transferable skills you can bring to their organization. Check out some samples of summary of qualifications here

Tailor it to the Position. Take the time to review the job posting so that you have gained a strong understanding of the role and can tailor your resume to the position. This includes looking for keywords in the job description that match your qualifications and utilizing them throughout your document in bullet statements, and/or summary of qualifications. Check out keyword strategies and examples here.

Add an Online Profile. While you are not restricted to keep your resume to a single page, it is helpful to be aware of how long your document is and how many past experiences you are sharing. Employers spend an average of 30 seconds reviewing your resume, so it is best to share the most relevant experiences on your resume. Feel free to add your LinkedIn to the top of your resume in your contact information section, so that employers can easily see your online presence and gain a more in-depth look at your professional background. Check out our tips on creating a strong online presence here.

Update. Plan out time to update your resume beyond the times when you are in the process of applying for a new job. Schedule times to review your document to update your education section, as well as add any projects, skills, or qualifications you have gained in your current role. After editing your resume, it can be helpful to get others feedback regarding both content and format recommendations. If you are a current student or alumni who graduated within the past five class years, feel free to attend a 15-minute drop-in meeting to gain a second opinion with a career coach. Drop-ins occur Monday–Friday from 12:00-4:00 p.m. EST.

Add a Cover Letter. Looking to take your job applications to the next level beyond your resume? Check out our cover letter guide here.

—By Cara Greaney, Graduate Assistant

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