Career Clusters

Meet the STE Student Advisory Board

We’re excited to introduce you to the new Science, Technology, and Engineering Career Cluster Advisory Board. These student leaders help brainstorm new ideas and share their feedback on how the Career Center can best serve BC students.  

Brenden Picioane ‘23

Hi! I’m Brenden, a rising junior in CSOM studying Computer Science, Information Systems, and Business Analytics. Currently, I’m interning at Prudential in their IT Audit group focusing on cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity. I’m also going to be a Teaching Assistant for Prof. Gallaugher’s iOS App Development course this coming year. On campus, I’m a tour guide and panelist for the Student Admissions Program and an e-board member for the BC Finance Academy. When I’m not doing all that, you can probably catch me at the rink in Cleveland Circle practicing my ice skating.

Fun fact: I’m a huge New York sports fan (Rangers, Giants, Knicks especially) and I run hockey analytics dashboards for my fantasy league every year.

Michal Miller ‘23

My name is Michal Miller and I am a junior at Boston College double majoring in English and Communication. I fell in love with science at a young age through my many teachers and experiments inside and outside the classroom setting and hope to one day work in a research field to give back to the world. This summer I interned at the International Thought Institute within the International Coaching Federation and can honestly say it was a wonderful and reflective experience. I look forward to getting back into the classroom and returning to a semblance of normalcy this year!

Fun fact: I love watching cake decorating videos but cannot tolerate the taste of cake.

Helen Befekadu ’23

My name is Helen Befekadu and I am a rising junior in MCAS majoring in Computer Science and International Studies. I am a part of SHOFA BC, a club designed to help students of color in STEM receive all the tools they need to succeed. I am also a part of other cultural clubs on campus! This summer I am starting a position with a foundation called Bridging Tech in order to help give the less privileged more access to technology!

Fun fact: I know 3 languages besides English!

Minh Le ‘23

Hi, my name is Minh! My hometown is Huntington Station, NY. I am a rising junior and a Computer Science major. Some of my hobbies include cooking, playing basketball, and working out. I am interested in learning how to develop the next revolutionary app. My favorite thing about BC is that I’ve been able to meet some amazing friends who have helped me to grow as a person. I always like to try new things… just like one of the Career Center courses that I took called “Designing Your Career”! It informed me about all the resources that the Career Center offers and helped me to gain more confidence in taking advantage of them.

Fun fact: I like to play the guitar in my free time.

Iggy Im ‘22

My name is Iggy and I am a rising senior majoring in Biology with concentrations in Bioinformatics and Physiology. I am currently doing GI research in a lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. I love to hike/climb, run and go on outdoors adventures, as well as birding and fishing! I am also a history and philosophy junky as well as an art history nut! Let’s have a conversation!

Fun fact: I have the periodic table of elements memorized!

Lauren-Elize Roque ‘24

Hello! My name is Lauren-Elize Roque, and I’m a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Women & Gender Studies. Though these two fields seem vastly different, I believe CS and WGS go hand in hand because of the prominent gender dynamics that permeate the tech world. As a woman looking to make a career in the tech world, I’m super passionate about this! On BC’s campus, I’m a board member for the Start@Shea and Women in Computer Science (WiCS) clubs. I’m also a Montserrat student! In my free time, I love taking the T to explore Boston and am currently on the hunt for the best sushi in the city.

Fun fact: When I was ten years old, I modeled for an American Girl Fashion Show.

Michael Colantuno ‘24

My name is Michael Colantuno. I am originally from South Florida and am currently a rising sophomore in MCAS studying Neuroscience with a minor in Hispanic Studies on the pre-med track. I enjoy studying the intersections of scientific research and how that impacts clinical and real-world populations. One day, I hope to work as a physician and researcher in contact with marginalized communities across the United States, with an emphasis on breaking down socioeconomic barriers that inhibit equitable access to science and medicine. In my downtime, I love to run and read outside, as well as spend as much time as possible with animals; especially my English Bulldog, Cooper. I am interested in working with the BC Career Center in order to facilitate opportunities for all members of the BC community interested in STEM, particularly those students who identify with marginalized groups.

Fun fact: I am ten minutes older than my twin sister and best friend, Ariana.

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