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Meet the ENS Student Advisory Board

The Career Center has recruited students of diverse identities, majors, and career interests to serve as advisors to each of our career clusters. The students of the Education, Nonprofit & Social Service Advisory Board meet once a month with cluster coach, Peter Hunt, to brainstorm ideas and share their feedback on how the Career Center can best serve BC students.

The advisory board members all share a commitment to serving their fellow Eagles and to building careers that enhance the human condition, help others realize their potential, and make the world more just.

They are all open to having conversations with you about career-related issues and answering questions—learn more about them below!

Lynnaya Preuss

Hello! My name is Lynnaya Preuss and I am a member of the Class of 2022. I am studying Psychology B.A. in MCAS with a minor in International Studies (specifically, Ethics and Social Justice). Within the ENS cluster I am most interested in Nonprofits and Higher Education. I’m excited to have the opportunity to work on the ENS board in efforts to make the Career Center feel less intimidating to students and to expand opportunities for conversation about our future careers. So far, I’ve had professional experience as a RA for first-year students, an intern at a children’s museum and a nonprofit called Amigos de Las Americas which focuses on intercultural experiences for young leaders from the U.S. and Latin America. I look forward to continuing on my journey and helping you feel equipped and excited about yours.

Benjamin Chieng

Hi! My name is Benjamin Chieng, and I’m a senior majoring in International Studies interested in higher ed, post-grad volunteer service, and social impact/corporate social responsibility. After working with Professor Seraphim with her global history course, Where on Earth, I was fascinated to see many students’ amazing passion projects with varying interests and plans at and beyond BC. That experience inspired me to become more interested in higher ed by seeing how thoughtful and serious students were about their future. That also made me realize that it is never too early or late to start and enact meaningful change in our lives and the lives of others. Also, volunteering as an ESOL teacher for fourth graders under Professor Kim has shown me the importance of giving back to the public and the greater community. Even though I’m not a Lynch student, this experience has allowed me to meet many welcoming, talented educators and mentors with shared aspirations to see our students progress in real-time. If you’re interested in talking, feel free to reach me at

Erin Miller

Hi, my name is Erin Miller and I am a junior in the Lynch school of Education! I am pursuing a double major in secondary education and mathematics, and I have a particular interest in international education. I joined the ENS cluster advisory board as my passion for helping others in the classroom has also grown into helping others in their career exploration. I am excited to have this opportunity in order to be a welcoming face to students and provide insight using my professional experience. A key turning point in my career path occurred this summer when I had a teaching internship in St. Thomas for a month. While this was a leap of faith for me, I enjoyed every moment teaching students on the island. Please feel free to reach out via email with any questions at all! I am so grateful for this role and I cannot wait to hear from you!

Ashley Look

Hi, I’m Ashley Look and I’m a junior at BC. When I met with a career counselor as a freshman, worried that I was behind because I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career, only to be told that I needed to chill because it is perfectly normal not to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Exploring for now is just fine. I’m interested in higher education, counseling, mental health, and nonprofits. My happy place is at the beach, with a book, water, and some snacks. At BC I am involved in Fuego del Corazón and Habitat for Humanity.

Alara Kolat

Hi everyone! My name is Alara Kolat. Originally, I am from Istanbul, Turkey and I am a senior at BC. I’m a Sociology major and also minoring in both Women & Gender Studies, and Management for Social Impact. In the ENS cluster I am particularly interested in higher education. This summer I was working at the Cadigan Alumni Center here at BC, and have gained amazing experiences working with the Programs & Events team! I also have previous experiences working in non-profit settings, student affairs, and volunteering, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk more about the ENS fields!

Griffin Lawler

My name is Griffin Lawler and I am a senior studying Applied Psychology. I plan on working in the education field, specifically higher education. I joined this board to act as a student voice, especially for students in the Lynch school. Last spring I interned with BC’s Human Resources office as part of the Applied Psychology Practicum. I learned a lot about the industry and was able to hear from BC employees about their own career journeys.

Nicole Huie

My name is Nicole Huie, and I am a double major in Secondary Education and English. I’m a junior, and I’m interested in education organizations. I want to serve on the board because the Career Center has helped me a lot since I got to BC; whether it was interview prep or internship opportunities, the Career Center was there to support me no matter what. For my personal development, I lead a group called Asian Christian Fellowship, which has been my home away from home ever since freshman year.

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