Three Ways Graduate Students Can Jumpstart Their Career Development

Whether you’re a graduate student in a professional program or studying STEM, social sciences, or humanities, you are encouraged to get your career development started early.

Luckily, there are three key steps you can take now (i.e., this semester) to jumpstart your career journey as a graduate student.

Meet with a career coach early

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a PhD or master’s program: your career development shouldn’t wait. Don’t wait until your final semester or until you’re “on the job market.” We recommend connecting with a career coach as early as possible. With a career coach, you can:

  1. Have a conversation about an industry of interest
  2. Reflect on the skills you’re developing in your graduate program and how they connect to post-grad opportunities
  3. Identify your interests and determine how they align with different  career paths and opportunities
  4. Access resources that will help you learn about industries and job and internship opportunities

Our coaches are ready, eager, and waiting to assist you–no matter your industry interests! Schedule an appointment with a coach today.

Connect with graduate alums

The graduate student population at BC isn’t small, which means there are even more graduate alums! There are thousands of BC alums on Eagle Exchange, BC’s global alum-student networking platform. There are many graduate alums who are ready to connect and talk about career paths, how to get started in different industries, and more. 

On Eagle Exchange, you can search for alums and filter by degree type, graduate college, identity, and other categories. 

Interested in finding a PhD in the humanities who went the non-academic route in their career? Or what about an alum of the cybersecurity program who works in the private sector? You can find them on Eagle Exchange.

You can learn how to get started on Eagle Exchange here.

Create a plan

We understand that a lot goes into career planning, so we’ve created a new self-guided resource for graduate students: the Career Development Plan (CDP). The CDP helps you take command of your career journey and organize your plan/strategy into actionable steps. 

With the CDP, you’ll:

  1. Identify your core strengths, interests, and values
  2. Set short-term, medium-term, and long-term career goals
  3. Connect with mentors to track your progress
  4. Put your plan into action!

Remember that the Career Center is here to support you! We have a dedicated website, bc.edu/gradcareers, where you can learn more about our career resources for graduate students. We look forward to working with you!

Salvatore Cipriano
—By Salvatore Cipriano, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Career Education

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