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What Can I Do With an Art History Degree?

Did you know that someone with an art history degree can pursue a career in consulting, media, law or a wide range of other fields? Art history students develop a wide range of skills that employers across industries are seeking including critical and creative thinking, oral, written, and visual communication skills, and attention to detail – just to name a few! We chatted with a couple of art history alumni to hear about how they are using their art history degrees: 

Shaye Ellard ‘19 shared how she is utilizing her art history degree as an Alumni Engagement Assistant at Tufts University:

“Studying art history teaches you how to notice the finer details, a skill that is important in any job! Countless essays and research papers helped hone my writing skills which I use daily, and the ability to efficiently synthesize and eloquently articulate ideas is crucial to my day-to-day.”

Another alum, Edgar Legaspi ‘16, the Senior Manager of Sports Partnerships at Univision shared:

“The soft-skills we develop from presenting compelling art historical hypotheses to our colleagues apply all over the professional landscape.”

Edgar also shared that he created a lot of presentations in his art history courses and continues to use those Powerpoint and public speaking skills today.

While Edgar and Shaye pursued careers that might not feel like the “obvious” choice for an art history graduate, we also have plenty of alumni who are working as art historians. A quick search on Eagle Exchange shows we have alumni working as curators, art collection managers, and auction house specialists. Whether you plan to pursue a career as an art historian, or are just passionate about learning about art, this major can help you develop a wide range of skills and prepare you for many different types of roles

Shaye summarized it perfectly:

“Don’t let anyone convince you that art history is not a relevant major. There is always learning that takes place in a new job, and years of studying art history helps prepare you for this. You know how to analyze, articulate, and think critically – these are the skills that will help you succeed!”If you’re interested in studying art history check out the department’s website. You can also connect with art history alumni on Eagle Exchange (tip: search by major by selecting “more filters”) or schedule a career coaching appointment to discuss how to connect your studies to a future career.

– By Salome Miclette, Assistant Director, Career Education

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