5 Ways to Prepare for Spring Recruitment

Starting the job or internship search can feel pretty overwhelming, but there are some steps you can take now to help you prepare. Winter break is a great time to prepare for spring recruitment – take our Winter Break Challenge, which provides a checklist of actions to help you get ready. Here are 5 steps you can take this break to help you prepare:

1. Prepare your application materials.

Every application will require a resume or CV, and yes, you should also always include a cover letter! The resume and cover letter resources on the Career Center website are a great place to start. Then you can have your application materials reviewed during our drop in hours, Monday – Friday 12-4pm during the semester. 

2. Complete your Handshake profile.

Did you know that employers can see your profile? A complete profile is much more likely to get their attention. Completing your profile and adding your career interests will also help Handshake to curate a feed of jobs, internships, and events that match your interests, as well as sign you up for the relevant cluster newsletters. 

3. Connect with alumni in your field(s) of interest on Eagle Exchange.

One of the best times to build your network is before you even start applying. Talking to alumni about their day to day work and career path can help you learn about jobs or internships that might be a good fit for you. These conversations might even give you some insider knowledge about a role or organization that will help you tailor your cover letter and resume. Learn how to set up a conversation in this blog post

4. Explore our cluster resources.

Depending on the industry you are interested in, there might be a job board specific for that area. For example, if you’re interested in nonprofits you should be sure to explore Idealist, or if you’re interested in working for the federal government USAJobs is a must use resource. Learn more by exploring our cluster pages, which are located under the “Career Clusters” tab of our website. You can also meet with a career coach to learn more about industry specific resources, application materials, and hiring trends. 

5. Develop a job/internship search plan.

Use this worksheet to help you set goals for your search and identify target employers. Setting goals and breaking the search down into smaller components will help make the process feel more manageable. 

These are only some of the checklist items in the Winter Break Challenge. Be sure to register to complete the entire list and head into the new year ready to take on your job or internship search!

By Salome Miclette, Assistant Director, Career Education

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