4 Small Steps to Get Unstuck in your Job/Internship Search

So, you’ve done your exploring of industries, you’ve made your resume and cover letter, but you’re…stuck. What should you do first? Apply for jobs? Find something to do next summer? Choose a career path? These are some pretty daunting tasks to take on. You know you have to do it, but you just can’t seem to get yourself to really take action. Even the mere thought of tackling that next big step is paralyzing. The trick is to realize that your next step actually doesn’t have to be so *big*.

Here are some bite size moves you can make to get yourself unstuck and get your career journey rolling again.

Scroll through Handshake.

This can be done from the safety of your own bed. No scary recruiters, no dressing up, no elevator pitch. Grab a hot chocolate, cozy up with your laptop and take a look at the huge selection of postings offered on Handshake. Sifting through and seeing what opportunities are out there can help you decide where you see yourself and give you a better idea of what you might want to look for. And, who knows, you might find a posting (or two or three!) that really excites you. From there, you can research the company and start learning about their internships/jobs.

Attend an information session.

These are a great way to see if you really connect with an organization or employer. Many information sessions, especially now in our primarily virtual environment, are more casual and give you a chance to talk to recruiters in a low-stakes way. If going to an information session seems scary, attend one that you are less interested in. Check out what an information session is all about so that you will be well prepared for when your favorite companies do return to campus. You might even find that the information session sparked an interest in an organization that you never really thought of before. View upcoming sessions on Handshake and you can also use the “employer-BC premier event-fy22” label under the “All Filters” option to see those employers that are specifically hosting an event for BC students. 

Reach out to an alum.

It’s time to put those networking skills to good use and log on to Eagle Exchange to find alumni in all different kinds of positions. There are some really cool BC alumni at really cool places doing really cool things. You just might find a person who is doing exactly what you want to be doing. This is your chance to reach out and learn from their experiences. And remember that these conversations are not about asking for a job. This is a chance to speak with an interesting person, learn about their path, and see if you could envision yourself in that role. Need help? Check out the Career Center’s Eagle Exchange How To Guide to get started.

Meet with a Peer Career Coach.

Maybe all you need to do is talk it out. Our drop-ins are a perfect chance to talk with someone who has been in your shoes and who can help you think through what the next best steps are for you personally. No appointment needed, just check out our hours and come chat!

In taking some of these small steps, something will click. You will find something that really intrigues you and excites you about your future. So when thinking about moving forward, don’t think about your next big move. That will come to you, I promise. Focus on making small moves and exposing yourself to all the opportunities you have. After all these small steps you realize that the next step to getting your internship/job really isn’t so big after all.

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