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The Career Fair is over. Now What?

Congratulations, you took a positive step forward in your career journey by attending a Career Fair!  Now what?

What you do after the fair is almost as important as attending the fair. Follow the tips below to keep your momentum going.

Follow up with every recruiter within 24 hours. Send a personalized thank you message and follow any directions they gave you.

To find who you attended sessions with, navigate back to the fair in Handshake with the direct link to the fair or browse using the filter “past fairs”. Click on the “Your schedule tab” for a list of the sessions you signed up for. The session host’s name, job title, and company will display.

Apply for jobs and/or internships. Make sure you tailor your resumes and cover letters with experiences that relate most to each position and organization. Need help with this step? Attend our weekly drop-in hours and bring a copy of the position description.

Practice interviewing. Brush-up on your interview skills so you are prepared for this next step. Use Big Interview as a resource to practice. You can also schedule a practice interview with a career coach.

Continue networking! Conduct informational interviews to learn more about industries of interest and what internships or entry-level positions are out there. Check Handshake regularly for upcoming events and information sessions with employers. Join Eagle Exchange to connect with alumni and grow your professional network.

Image of Caroline Meditz Assistant Director, Employer Engagement

Caroline Meditz
Assistant Director, Employer Engagement

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