Summer Series: I’m About to Graduate and Haven’t Found a Post-Grad Job Yet

Your time at Boston College is almost over and, despite your best efforts, you are still looking for your first step after college. Parents and friends have all asked you what you want to do after graduation and you are still unsure. That’s perfectly fine! Here are some tips to help you in your last weeks at BC.


After 4 years of college, you have grown and changed so much so it’s important to reflect. What areas interest you? What skills do you have to offer? What type of work environment do you prefer? Where do you want to live? Once you take the time to ask yourself these questions and reflect, it will be easier for you to narrow down the type of position you would like to pursue and set up a course of action.

Ask your network for help (Yes, you have a network!).

Some students may think that they don’t have a professional network, but you absolutely do. If you haven’t already, sign up for EagleExchange and begin connecting with Alumni. We have a strong alumni base that is hungry to help out current students. So take advantage of your student status while you can. Other networking options to consider: going to office hours and chatting with a professor that you find interesting, reaching out to Boston College employees (we are paid to help), and reaching out to friends and family.

Meet with a career coach.

Although you might be graduating in 2 months (I know it’s a scary thought), it’s never too late to make an appointment with a career coach. The Career Center coaches are a great resource for students. One of their main areas of expertise is helping students explore different careers. So if you are uncertain what you want to do after graduation, utilize career coaches while they are close!

And remember, you have access to coaching appointments throughout the summer and up to 5 years after graduation. (And yes, virtual appointments are available.) We will walk with you even after you are done receiving your diploma.

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