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Internship Spotlight: Summer Internships in Science, Technology & Engineering

The Eagle Intern Fellowship (EIF) provides financial support to Boston College undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who obtain summer internships with organizations that are not able to provide a salary. By eliminating financial barriers, this program provides an opportunity for you to explore your career interests and experience the world of work. Continue reading to learn about the summer internship experiences of previous EIF recipients.

Huel Cox III ‘23
Summer 2021 Intern at Dana-Farber

“During my time at Dana-Farber, I became familiar with a hard truth about science: everything will essentially never go right in a single day. I am not saying that “nothing ever goes right in science,” but simply the idea that it is a process of trial and failure is entirely accurate. As I committed almost all my time trying to get things to work and overcoming various setbacks, I developed an earnest and profound appreciation for when everything worked. This challenge seemed to be true of especially complex problems. For some projects, a new result and set of data would offer conclusive information to answer our questions. However, in the especially complicated projects, when things seemingly went right, the data we received simply added another layer of confusion, and the previously viable hypothesis were rendered improbable. 

Initially, this aspect of our research was discouraging, but all that could be done was for us to persevere. Throughout the summer, I knew part of the reason I kept coming back was that that part of me just felt like a kid on a playground. For me, the science, learning, and protocols were simply fun, and I had an immeasurable sense of pride in the research. However, in reflection, I don’t think I ever considered why I loved coming to the lab and found so much personal satisfaction in doing research. Every morning, weekend, and evening I spent in the lab, no matter how distant, I was helping solve a problem that caused immeasurable pain and suffering. As I come to reflect on this belief, I find that at some level, I knew all of the trouble was more than worth it.”

Colin Lee ‘23
Summer 2021 Intern at Club Feast

“The most exciting project I worked on at Club Feast was re-designing the driver app. Similar to Uber Eats or DoorDash, Club Feast operates as a food delivery service where customers schedule meals to be delivered ahead of time, and drivers fulfill the orders. Since the orders are placed in advance, each driver route is optimized for efficiency and usually includes multiple pick-up and drop off locations. The main challenge with the driver app was figuring out how to balance functionality (scheduling shifts and displaying routes) with ease of use. The operations team, who interact with the drivers on a daily basis, informed us that many of the drivers are not the most familiar with mobile apps and were often confused with the current layout. Working closely with operations and product, the other user experience designers and I drafted multiple mock ups of potential layouts, customized to meet Club Feast’s specific needs. We also had to be aware of the complexity when it comes to implementation. We wanted to include live location tracking in our designs, but the engineers did not have enough time to implement this feature, and we had to work around this constraint as a result. Having good communication between the design team and engineering was key in reducing any confusion and unnecessary work that would possibly delay the rollout of the new driver app. Since Club Feast is a fast-growing startup, I was given a lot of responsibility even as an intern. I was a participant in the entire development stage from brainstorming to design review and gained valuable experience as a result!”

Zosia Czerwinski ‘23
Summer 2021 Intern at Voiz

“When I first began interning at Voiz as a sustainability analyst, I didn’t know what to expect in terms of engagement from myself and the community. At this point in the year, I was all too familiar with the long and awkward silences that fill a zoom room when no one wants to participate, and to be honest, I anticipated quite a few of those in a completely virtual internship. It turned out that I was entirely wrong. My Voiz internship courses were filled with rich discussion surrounding the climate crisis and unethical industry practices that permeate production chains around the world. I gained new perspectives from students hailing from all different corners of the world, and found that everyone was genuinely excited to connect with like-minded environmentalists, even if we would never get the chance to meet face-to-face. By the time the sustainability course ended, many of my peers and I were hesitant to leave the community we had created over the past 8 weeks. Thankfully, everyone at Voiz is given the opportunity to extend their internship following the analyst course. I had the chance to join one of Voiz’s many advocacy teams, and truly valued the flexibility I was given to find my niche within the organization as part of the editorial team. This new role allowed me to combine my love of writing with my passion for sustainability, and challenged me to consider how such a daunting and looming threat like climate change can effectively be communicated to everyday consumers. Furthermore, in writing editorial pieces I was able to delve deeper into certain environmental topics that I knew little about, like the ecological impact of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.”

Want to learn how to secure an internship? Check out the resources on the Science, Technology, and Engineering page and make an appointment with a career coach!

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