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When is the Right Time to Visit the Career Center?

Have you ever arrived at a get-together too early or too late? Too early, and you are awkwardly trying not to get in the way and the hosts are wondering what you’re doing there so soon. Too late, and you are awkwardly offering to help clean up and put away party supplies. Either way, it’s awkward! 

This is the scenario I think folks are imagining when asking “when should I visit the Career Center?” The question behind the question is “When exactly is the perfect time to visit the Career Center, so I’m not too early to talk about career goals but not too late to get a job?” 

I have good news: ANYTIME is the perfect time to visit the Career Center! You are never too early to have a meeting with us, and you are never too late to start exploring what you are good at, what brings you joy, and what you can offer the world. 

“But what if I’m a first-year and I just got to BC?”

Welcome! We are so glad you are here! We know that you are learning so much about BC right now, and getting to know this campus, your classes, and your new community is your first priority. Please don’t feel any pressure to add the Career Center to your “must-do” list right now. When you do have time, know that our Exploration Coaches are here for you. They meet with anyone who is starting their career journey, who is decided or undecided about what to pursue, and who is curious about learning more about what possibilities exist, and who isn’t even sure where to begin.  

If you don’t feel ready to have a face-to-face conversation with a career coach, that’s totally fine, too! You can start with our 24/7 online resources. We recommend beginning with Focus 2, which is a self-assessment that provides you an opportunity to reflect on how your skills, interests, and values align with different majors and occupations. After taking Focus 2, you can discuss your results with your academic advisor or one of our Career Exploration coaches.

“But what if I’ve been here a while and know EXACTLY what I want to do with my whole life?”

That’s wonderful! We are also here to support you, as an additional resource or a sounding board. We have several industry-specific Career Coaches who listen as you talk through your career plans and help you prepare for whatever your planned-for next step is. From refining your job search strategy to interview prep to offer evaluations and decision making – our coaches can help you along the way to your goals. Use your Handshake account to schedule a meeting with one of our career coaches. 

“But what if I’m somewhere in between?”

Guess what? We are ALSO here to support you! (Are you sensing a theme?) We know that the majority of BC students are somewhere in between feeling brand new and feeling like they’ve figured it all out. Wherever you find yourself, we have a person, a platform, or a program that can meet you where you are. 

A great first step is coming to our Drop-In Hours. Drop-Ins are 15-minute one-on-one, first-come, first-serve sessions designed to help you with a quick question, resume review, or more. They are offered every weekday afternoon in the Career Center – no need to schedule an appointment in advance!

“But actually, WHEN should I visit the Career Center? When are you open?”

OH! This was a logistics question, not a philosophical one. Gotcha. 

We are open Monday through Friday, from 9am-5pm in Southwell Hall (right across from Dunkin’ on Comm Ave). Come visit

Frances Adjorlolo

Associate Director, Employer Engagement

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