7 Questions You Can Always Ask in a Job Interview

Anyone with job interviewing experience will tell you to prepare for your interview by preparing responses to common interview questions. But, many people forget—you can (and should) prepare questions of your own to ask the interviewer! Here’s 7 questions that you can (almost) always ask in a job interview.

1. How are you today?

Remember, your interviewer is a person too! Being polite and personable can only make you a stronger applicant. Not to mention, this gives you a chance to show that you’re a good fit for the organization and gauge if the organization is a good fit for you. Of course, only ask this as you greet your interviewer.

2. What would a standard day at this position look like?

For some types of flexible positions, each day may look vastly different. However, for the great majority of career options, this can be a great method to visualize yourself in the role and determine any follow-up questions or concerns you may have about a standard workday.

3. What are the skills needed to master this job?

By asking this question, you’ll hear firsthand what types of qualifications and experiences suit the position. This also demonstrates to your interviewer that you care about what skills are needed to excel in the position, and you’re looking forward to improving those skills and competencies.

4. What is the most challenging/difficult part of this role?

Following any discussion of the salient skills for this position, it can be very useful to hear from your interviewer regarding the most difficult functions of the role. This question leaves room for your interviewer to emphasize the most challenging parts about the position, so you can be prepared for potential obstacles and setbacks.

5. When are you planning to start the right candidate?

Depending on the nature of the role—if it is a temporary internship or a summer position—this question may already be answered in the job description or in other communications about the opportunity. Nonetheless, this type of question is important, especially for longer term experiences which may include relocation or training as factors that affect the start date.

6. What are the opportunities or prospects for growth in this position?

This type of question is an effective way to express your commitment to bring effort for the company in a number of roles. Based on your interviewer’s response, you can also estimate how often people are considered for growth opportunities in the company and if that might be a possible career option for you.

7. How does this position contribute to the organization overall?

Centering the potential position in the greater framework of the organization or company can be a great way to vocalize your interest in the missions and goals of the organization.

As always, tailor your questions to topics that your interviewer has not already addressed. For more information and interviewing questions, the Boston College Career Center has a variety of available coaches and resources. Good luck in your interviews!

– Andrew Hoffman, MCAS ’24, Peer Career Coach

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