Can the Career Center Help Get Me an Internship?

One question we hear from students all the time is, “Can the Career Center get me an internship?” The short answer is: we can help. We can give you all the tools and resources you need to earn one! Here are 4 steps we can help with to get you started:

1. Make a plan

Remember that internships can take a variety of forms—from traditional paid or unpaid opportunities at organizations to other opportunities like part-time jobs or project-based work.  Consider your target career field, ideal geographic location, and what type of organization you are seeking in terms of size and culture. In addition, know the hiring timelines for your preferred industry.

2. Have an excellent resume (and cover letter) ready to go!

There’s nothing worse than hearing about a fantastic opportunity and having to rush your application materials together to meet a deadline.  Use our resume and cover letter resources to get started today.

3. Network

As a first step, reach out to your personal and professional relationships to set up exploratory career conversations. Ask your connections to introduce you to members of their extended network. In addition, take advantage of the networking resources available to you as a BC student.

  • Eagle Exchange connects you to alumni working in industries of interest and also allows you to search for alumni with shared identities. 
  • The Summer Experience Database connects you with other BC students so you can learn about their internship experiences.

4. Use the Internet

Although many students find success networking their way into an internship, it is still important to research and apply for opportunities on platforms like Handshake and Linkedin.  In addition, consider sending a “cold email” highlighting your skills and background to companies of interest.  In many cases, your display of initiative will be rewarded with a positive response.

Good luck and as always feel free to make an appointment with a career coach to discuss your goals!

Tara Raposa, Exploration Career Coach

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