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6 Insightful Articles on What It’s Like to Be Black in the Workplace

To celebrate Black History Month, the Career Center has decided to showcase six articles highlighting various stories, experiences, and advice from Black professionals in the workplace.

How TikTok Is Helping Black Professionals Navigate Corporate America

This piece highlights how Black men are turning to this popular social media platform for assistance on matters like pay, community building, what it means to be a professional, and holding business/organizations accountable.

The Only One in the Room

Being Black in corporate America often means feeling isolated, held back, and looked over when opportunities arise. This Bloomberg article tells the stories of multiple Black men and women who work on Wall Street and what they have done to operate in the predominantly white financial industry.

The Black Experience At Work

This research-driven report, conducted by McKinsey & Company, looks at work related iniquities Black Americans face, how it’s categorized, and what companies are doing to redouble their efforts to address a workplace culture that benefits all employees.

Working While Black: Stories from Black Corporate America

This Fortune Magazine article  asks Black employees what they want their non-Black colleagues, supervisors, and top-level  executives to know about inclusivity in the workplace.

Black Women in the Workplace

This Gallup article details how the experiences of Black women at work differ from that of other Americans, including those who are Black men and white women and why understanding Black women’s double minority status at work is a necessary part of building inclusive and equitable workplaces.  It also explains the importance of a manager and how it is the key source when it comes to productive engagement.

Black Professionals Share Their Advice

This Handshake blog interviews and shares important wisdom for new Black hires. Topics include how to navigate one’s early career journey, and the importance of networking, being authentic, and always seeing your potential.

The Boston College Career Center is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for all students in their career journeys. On Handshake, the Career Center has developed a label system that helps students identify inclusive employers using the following filters: BIPOC and students of color, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, women-identifying students, and Forbes100. For more DEI career resources, please visit our website or make an appointment with a career coach today.

By Jonathan Rosenthal, Assistant Director, Career Education

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