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Networking in the Netherlands Using Eagle Exchange

I’ve had several meetings with BC alumni during my time as an Eagle, so what made this one different? She and I were planning to meet in a different country. 

This past summer as I looked forward to my semester abroad in the Netherlands, I logged into Eagle Exchange, hoping to connect with alumni that graduated with Environmental Studies degrees. At most, I was hoping to schedule a virtual meeting with someone from a different city. Suddenly, I came across a profile that piqued my interest.

I found an alum who was currently studying at the same university I was slated to visit during my upcoming semester abroad. After I settled into my new home for the next four months, we set up a time and place for our meeting, a vegetarian Italian restaurant located a short bike ride away from campus. As we chatted about our career paths and aspirations in life, I was struck by the similarities in our goals. It became clear that we shared reasons for why we were in the same city at the same time, with the same degree from BC. 

The conversation drifted to our personal experiences on campus, where we both felt disconnected from the dominant social culture. Meeting someone who had gone through the same experiences as me at BC and witnessing how much she thrived post-grad was an extremely valuable experience for me and gave me a fresh sense of confidence to make the most of my college years.

Although not every Eagle Exchange connection will be this serendipitous, there is definitely something you can take from any connection with an alum. All it takes is a strong opening message and a willingness to hear the advice they have to impart.

Eagle Exchange has over 10,000 alumni for you to connect with about your career path. From the North End to the Netherlands, there is an Eagle nearby for you to talk to!

By Minji Jeun, MCAS ’24
Environmental Studies Major, Marketing Minor

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