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Eagle Intern Fellowship: Student Experiences

Eagle Intern Fellowship (EIF) provides an opportunity for you to explore your career interests and experience the world of work.

By providing financial support to Boston College undergraduates on financial aid who obtain summer internships with organizations that are not able to provide a salary, the BC Career Center seeks to eliminate financial barriers for students.

You can learn more about eligibility, view the application rubric, read sample materials, and access the FAQs on the EIF website (and we highly recommend that you do this).

But don’t just take our word for it! Learn more about how EIF helped Eagle Fellows pursue internship opportunities throughout the school year and summer:

Joy Son, MCAS ’23, ColinKurtis Advertising

“With the support of the Eagle Intern Fellowship, I had the opportunity to work as a Digital Marketing Intern at ColinKurtis Advertising. I was very excited about the internship because although I had considerable interest, I didn’t have prior background specific to marketing. Right from my first day, I was learning new skills and being exposed to new information and conversations that were involved in B2B marketing—and I wanted to do my best. Because I started interning during the summer, I had a lot of time to soak in everything I was learning and carefully apply them so that I can constantly improve my skills while also producing exceptional work, especially in copywriting. However, when the school year started, my prioritization of the internship naturally extended to academics and extracurriculars. I found myself balancing work, classes, future career planning, dance practices, church life, and social life. I struggled to separately devote my time and efforts to different commitments, and with so many things going on in my life, I had difficulty focusing and was consequently frustrated and unsatisfied with the work I was putting out. My time management skills were being tested and I knew I had to change something. I began adjusting my schedule by working on school assignments and internship projects earlier so that I had ample time to put in my best efforts without feeling the rush of multiple deadlines. I also learned to discipline myself in balancing social life, and knowing when it is appropriate to excuse myself from hanging out with friends but also making sure I take breaks from my responsibilities and enjoy the college experience. Ultimately, through this internship, I was able to gain new skills in the marketing field and most importantly, refine my time management.”

Heidi Yun, MCAS ‘24, Greater Boston Legal Services

“As an EIF recipient, I would definitely recommend applying for EIF to other BC students. It served as an opportunity for me to explore my career interests, specifically with civil law within the legal field, at a non-profit legal firm where funding to their interns was not available. I am leaving the internship with invaluable mentorship and skills. 

This fall semester, I have had the privilege of working as an undergraduate intern at Greater Boston Legal Services. Greater Boston Legal Services helps more than 10,000 low-income families and individuals solve their civil legal problems, with a special focus on impact litigation. Over the course of this fall semester, I have had the privileged opportunity to work with my all-around amazing mentor and individual, Rita Cheresnowsky, a Senior Paralegal at GBLS. The last thirty minutes of my daily hours would be spent in a virtual meeting with Rita, where I would provide updates on my work and receive feedback and guidance on what needed to be done next!”

Michael Browne, MCAS ‘24, BreachRX

“Thanks to the Eagle Intern Fellowship, I was able to intern at a startup cybersecurity company for 6 hours a day through the whole summer. With the company being relatively new and small, I was the only intern and one of only a few engineers on the team. Due to this, it allowed me to learn so much more than I would have elsewhere. This is because I not only learned a lot about coding due to a lot of practicing and being given many various types of things to do, but I also got to witness the decision making process of the chief engineer firsthand. Seeing how the next features to add or bugs to fix were decided is something I had never even thought about, and it really gave me a good idea about how I can better plan my personal and class projects in the future. 

One impactful experience was my last project of the summer, where I had to learn how to code in the backend, something I had never done before. Learning this new skill while also trying to do the work made it take a long time, but this ended up teaching me when to reach out to others, how to find answers to my questions online, and overall just understand a more professional way of working and coding. As I learned and slowly made progress, I began to really enjoy coding in the backend which I originally had thought would be much less exciting, and is now something I would do in the future. 

This was an amazing experience that I was lucky to be able to do, where I not only enjoyed the work but also talking to the engineers on the team who had so much insight and knowledge on all these different projects I worked on.”

EIF applications for Summer 2023 internships are open! Apply now to secure funding for your unpaid summer internship. Questions? Email, or make an appointment with a Career Coach today.
Summer Deadline 1: February 27th, 2023
Summer Deadline 2: April 3rd, 2023
Summer Deadline 3: May 1st, 2023

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