7 Ways to Bounce Back After Not Receiving an Offer

You made it through your midterms unscaithed, had a phenomenal spring break and had a great final interview with a company you’re interested in. Everything is looking up, but…you don’t get the job or internship offer. Even though receiving rejections happens to nearly everyone at some point, it still doesn’t feel good. If you have found yourself in this position, consider these 7 tips to help you bounce back and move forward in your job or internship search.

1. Be kind to yourself.

The job or internship search can be very stressful, and sometimes even when you do everything right an opportunity doesn’t work out. If you find yourself feeling down, be sure to practice some form of self care. You might also want to talk through your job search with a career coach or connect with University Counseling Services if you are feeling overwhelmed.

2. Ask for feedback.

Some employers are willing to provide feedback regarding your application or interview. This information can help you improve for the next time you’re searching for opportunities. Read How to Ask For Feedback After A Job Rejection for tips on how to solicit feedback.

3. Improve your application materials.

Have you had your resume and cover letter reviewed by the Career Center? If not, this is your sign to do so! There may be an opportunity to improve your application materials, particularly if you are having difficulty landing interviews. Stop by our drop-in hours to have a cover letter or resume reviewed.

4. Polish your interviewing skills.

Being able to talk about yourself and to share strong answers to interview questions takes practice. Consider using Big Interview to practice answering questions, or schedule a practice interview appointment with a career coach on Handshake.

5. Develop a new skill.

Now is a great time to learn that skill that you keep seeing mentioned in every job or internship description. Platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Google Skill Shop provide free ways to develop skills and even gain certificates that you can put on your resume.

6. Build your network.

You can also use this time to make connections to learn about different careers and get advice from professionals. Through Eagle Exchange you can find alumni to connect with, and even use the platform to set up a job shadow opportunity. Not sure what to say or where to begin? Review our networking page to get started building connections.

7. Gain experience.

A formal internship or job is not the only way to gain experience or skills. Consider completing a project with an employer through Forage or doing freelance work through a platform like Upwork. What you might consider a “summer job” can also be a very valuable experience. Often these jobs help you to build transferable skills, or skills that are helpful to have for any job or industry.

As always, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a career coach today. For more career resources, check out our website here.

By Salome Miclette, Assistant Director, Career Education

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