Finding the right Career is a Marathon, not a sprint.

Marathon Monday is probably the one day that the entire campus is (voluntarily) up bright and early. Lectures are replaced with concerts and the river of students getting to class are replaced with a parade of athletes venturing to the finish line. While Boston College marks Mile 21 for the runners, the Heights is only the start for you. Career development is a marathon, not a sprint, and the Career Center is ready to cheer you on throughout the process. So as you approach the starting line, lace up your shoes, take a deep breath and try to remember that each step is an opportunity to gain experience, and achieve your own personal best.

Like any good marathoner, it’s important to listen to your heart!  In the Career Center, we believe the process of finding a career begins with reflecting on your skills, interests, and values.  Ask yourself the questions: What brings me joy? What am I good at? What does the world need me to be?  Also, use tools like Focus 2 (code: Eagles) to navigate a series of self assessments. Your results are then matched to careers and BC- specific majors.

After some self-reflection it can be helpful to start having conversations with professionals working in potential career fields of interest (networking). Some students feel a bit unsteady on this stretch of terrain because it can be uncomfortable reaching out to people you do not know personally. Fortunately, networking does not need to be your Heartbreak Hill! Resources like Eagle Exchange, Boston College’s official mentoring platform, make it easy to have career-related conversations with our extensive alumni network.

Networking often leads to opportunities for some real world experiential learning.  Most students consider this a bit of a downhill stretch because they are excited to try things out (and maybe even earn some money!)  Visit Handshake to browse internship opportunities or BC’s Service Learning page to identify relevant volunteer opportunities. For many the finish line begins to come into view at this point.  For others, it may take a few more laps to find the right career.  In either case, the Career Center is here to cheer you on along the way! Check out the Exploration cluster page for additional career exploration resources or make an appointment with a career coach.

By Tara Raposa, Exploration Career Coach

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