How to Include a Virtual Work Experience on Your Resume

With COVID-19 greatly impacting the number of opportunities available this summer, virtual work experience programs have become popular options to build skills.

Virtual work experience programs mimic entry-level work done at top companies. Through platforms like InsideSherpa, you can sign up for a project where you are given a hypothetical set of tasks that an employee would expect to complete on a given work day. All Boston College students have free access to InsideSherpa.

How do you add these experiences to your resume or LinkedIn profile?

These programs are learning experiences. Therefore, you will add the programs you complete under sections like academic or extracurricular activities. Do not represent these programs as employment. Doing so would be a misrepresentation of the experience, which could have consequences for your job search and your access to opportunities within InsideSherpa.

That said, these experiences are valuable additions to your resume or LinkedIn profile. You can showcase your new skills and how productive you were during a challenging summer. Employers will want to see this!

Here are a few examples of how to represent the experience:

Leo Cussen Human Rights Law Virtual Program
Summer 2020, 40 Hours
-Completed all four modules of virtual program through the InsideSherpa platform.
-Reviewed client communications. Summarised and synthesised relevant case information for supervisor.
-Helped to provide legal advice to a hypothetical employee who appeared to have been dismissed and/or discriminated against.

General Electric Digital Technology Enterprise Program (Summer 2020)
-Completed virtual program through the InsideSherpa platform.
-Built a L1 Process Map.
-Evaluated ERP system capability and proposed a solution to business problem.

View an example resume from Boston Consulting Group.

If you have additional questions about virtual work experiences or how to discuss your experience with potential employers, make an appointment to meet with a career coach.

Image of Allison Postlethwait Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications
—By Allison Postlethwait, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communication

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